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TSB vs BNR tune to address piston issue on 1.4L engine

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I was looking at taking my car into the dealer to have my software updated that is suggested on TSB 18-NA-171. I was wondering how your software also addresses this issue and would you say that it too is a fix?
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Once you get your Engine tuned don't count on any TSB's or Warranty work unless you restore the CRUZE to factory specs
Warranty wasn't my concern as indicated in the text above. It's the TSB that GM is aware of a software fault that causes the engine to lean out. From what I am aware " which dont ever take things you research on the web with a grain of salt" is that the engine leans out once you release the pedal position sensor and that the fuel pulse cuts back to soon while your throttle hasn't closed all the way, cause the engine to lean out. Over and over it eventually cracks the piston. As I said, just what I've heard. I was just curious if BNR software address this issue in there tune, and better. Why pay the dealership 125 for a update, while I could just spend a little more and do it myself with better results.
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