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TST TPMS interface with EOM sensors[/h]
Moving into a Class A motor coach and gonna tow our 2017 Chevy Cruze TD with a dolly. Been looking at TPMS products for both coach, dolly, and car (since rear car wheels will be rolling).

Found the TST TPMS product ( and am trying to figure out if their system can use the existing EOM sensors seeing as they are the same frequency as is used by the TST TPMS product.

If it can't interface with the OEM sensors then can the flow through sensors from the TST TPMS be used at the end of the Cruze's valve stems?

What I want is to have a system in the coach that will also let the car system work as well.

Any thoughts or experience in trying to do this?


I would think if you put the repeater in the rear of camper it would work assuming the TPMS are the same frequency or your TST can handle multiple sensor types.

Gen 1 sensors operate at 315 Mhz, and Gen 2 sensors operate at 433 Mhz. I am not sure of the split time for when it changed over.

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