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I’m looking for a good tune for my 2011 Cruze LT (1.4T). Any recommendations? I want to purchase one from a reliable company, as I’ve never had a vehicle tuned before. I’ve read multiple reviews on BNR and Trifecta, but I haven’t seen anything from recent dates (no reviews from anyone in 2021). I tried contacting both for possible help, and have gotten no answer back. Are they still marketing tunes? I don’t want to spend $300+ (depending on company/tune) to not get a tune. Anyway, let’s dig into the details. I have no idea what I am looking for in a tune, I just want more power, while keeping the same reliability of my Cruze. I’d like the tune to allow the speed limiter to be removed if possible, or reset to a higher value (I was thinking 125mph). Id also like to push more boost, I was thinking 20psi if it is safe for the stock internals/turbo (from my knowledge it is) Now, I just need advice on who to purchase from (yes, I know, ultimately it is my decision), and how actually RECEIVING and LOADING the tune works (I’ve heard there’s a base tune that you datalog and send back for any needed adjustments, then load an updated tune they email you and you're good to go?) Basically, I need someone who knows EXACTLY what tuning Cruzes entails, to describe what I need to do, who to purchase from, what information to include, etc.
Under the hood mode are as follows:
ZZP Performance Cold Air Intake
Forge Motorsports Atmospheric BOV

Thanks in advance!

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Check this thread I got my tune this spring and a couple months ago updated after bigger turbo and injector install

Tune Comparisons
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