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Tuned 1.4 turbo MAF readings.

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Hi all!!

I was wondering if anyone with a tuned engine can write what Maf readings they get.

I do have a problem I havent been able to solve for a lot of time. LTFT are to high at idle (up to 23-24 but usually around 15-18) and my max MAF readings are 114 g/s. (Fuel trims get near to 0 when on the go and 2500-3000 rpm) Furthermore there is a hesitation when trying to accelerate on a high gear which is indicated on torque pro as a momentarily boost drop which then goes up again. The dealer says the car is fine since it has no codes.

Now I've read that a tuned 1.4 turbo should have at least 130 g/s and because I feel the car has gotten weaker I'm trying to find out why. It occasionally stores a pending p1101 and on highway runs at high speeds it also records a pending p0101 without tripping a cel.

The car has a downpipe, intercooler, tune and an aftermarket CAI.

I'm suspicious about the MAF sensor but don't want to just change it and not solve the problem. So if you have any Maf readings please inform me.

Thanks in advance!

P.S I've already checked in the manifold and the little orange dot is there. I've also changed the corrugated pcv hose from manifold to turbo. Also no hissing from the pcv valve
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