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Turbo Engine

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Hey Guys, not sure if this is the right section.

I'm interested in putting a turbo on my Holden Cruze JG 1.8L, but would it be easier for me to buy a used turbo'd engine and upgrade the turbo on it.

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Depends on the emission laws of your country, wife just came back from Venezuela, said the gas fumes were so thick, she could barely breath, no problem in that country.

Very first thing put into an empty shell of a unibody is the cable harness, that would have to be changed.

Want the easiest and cheapest way? Trade if off for a vehicle with a turbo. The way GM is producing shop manuals today, only bits and pieces of circuit diagrams scattered over 3000 pages of constant safety reminders. Would be a major nightmare to convert the circuitry.

Ha, over the years knew guys that if they could find an aftermarket supercharger or turbo, installed these on unmodified engines to give them about 5 seconds of fun. If they put this on their credit card, had years of easy payments to make.
your best off swapping a factory turbo motor and tranny. the cruze if i remember should swap in the turbo motor simply ( if i remember correctly). a factory turbo motor will always run better then a converted N/A to forced induction
Ha, back in 1988, Toyota dealer tried to sell me a non-turbo Supra, just slap a turbo on it he said. Would have gone for it if I was an absolute idiot, but the turbo Supra is an entirely different car, everything but the basic body is different.

Was so easy back then to swap engines in 30's-60's car, adapter plates, only a half a dozen wires to be concerned about, perfectly legal, insurance companies didn't give a darn. Smart guys (like me, LOL) would also make improvements to the suspension and brakes, also may need a custom exhaust. But add all this to the history books. If your insurance company is not notified, may learn you have zero coverage, plus problems with emissions depending on your government, like the EPA in the USA. Can be done, but at the cost of both arms and legs.
Thanks for the help guys, so if I were to buy this engine

Is it a problem my car at the moment is a petrol and not a diesel?
Now im not sure if going from the 1.8 gas na to the diesel will work. Im sure a na gas to a turbo gas is ok
Here in Oz you will spend and spend and spend to get it passed by your <whichever state you are in> vehicle mob. VicRoads, if you are in Victoria, will drive you crazy.

And, of course, the electronics in your 1.8 don't match the diesel, so you will have to buy a new ECU and wiring loom and so on.

Then you will have to convince and pay a dealer to do the magic that will convince the bits and pieces that they all belong together and work.

At the point you can finally drive it you will have spent more than it would cost to buy a brand new Cruze. Or possibly a Mercedes.

Oh, you didn't say whether your 1.8 is a manual or slushie, and the engine being sold doesn't look to have a transmission on it, the transaxle on the 1.8 won't survive the torque of the diesel in either case.

In short, this is not worth doing, or worthwhile doing.
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Ha, no problems with even a 70's Cummins farm tractor diesel engine out of the box. Just toss the fuel pump inlet line in a can full of diesel fuel, hit the starter with 12 volts and were could to go. Could hand rev it with the throttle. Wonder what they would charge to even add a DEF tank to this thing.

The entire fuel system would have to be replaced alone with a couple of wires from the ECU, still just the beginning.

Do you have something like down there? Do you have an old fashion adding machine with a fresh roll of paper tape. Just compare all the diesel part numbers with the equivalents used on your LS, if not the same, will have to get new ones.

Please post the final dollar amount when you are done, or do you guys use pounds, ha, tons will be a smaller number.
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Never thought about looking on our ebay for used engines, see we have a ton of them here. Contribute this to the unibody with dents in it, cheaper to buy a new car than to repair these things, thus an over abundance of used parts. Problem here, is shipping and crating can cost more than the engine, so would have to find one locally.
Thanks for the input guys, didn't realize there would be that much of a hassle with it.

Is it possible to turbo/supercharge my current engine, or is it the same issue with spending more then the car is worth?
There are turbo/superchargers for the 1.8 motor, not that I've seen any in Oz for the Cruze, but unless you have some specific reason for keeping the 1.8 you would be better off trading it for an Sri or Sri-V, either a used 1.4 or a new or more recent 1.6.

I just built a 1.6 Sri sedan, silver with carpet, came out at $26000 for me, depends how hungry your dealer is you might get $7-10000 for your 1.8.

So, if you were lucky, after $16000 you walk out the door tomorrow with a nice new car that does what you want, or mumble months and ooh so many dollars later you get a car that costs a fortune to maintain.
Thanks for the input guys, didn't realize there would be that much of a hassle with it.

Is it possible to turbo/supercharge my current engine, or is it the same issue with spending more then the car is worth?
You are not getting the message, guys could bolt on a turbo from a turbo Supra engine, to their non-turbo same 3.0 L block only to have a connecting rod fly through the block the first time they hit the gas.

Can't put it in any simpler terms than this. But not only the engine, but the entire vehicle as well, turbo powered cars have to be designed from the ground up. Have suspension, brakes, and powertrain issues to deal with.
Hello guys. Just wondering if i can fit a 1.8 petrol 2014 on a 2010 jg cdx model manual tranny? The 2014 engine is fitted to an auto and just wondering if i can take the torque converter and fit the normal flywheel and clutch assembly from my old engine
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