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Twin power turbo 4 cyl

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I was reading about these on popular science. AMAZING. the concept is so cool. I wonder if there is one out there that could be modified to be put on our engines. I would anticipate at least a ten to twenty percent increase in mpgs.

Look in google and search popular science and two in one turbochargers.
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The newer BMW 335 use the twin scroll turbo I believe, if that's what you're referring to.
VW and Volvo both have new "twincharged" engines. A supercharger for low-end torque (eliminates turbo lag, even from a small turbo, entirely) and turbocharger for top-end HP. Think it's a great concept, although expensive.

The CTD, though, has a variable geometry turbo to allow it to create boost at both low and high RPM...not a simple one-sized turbocharger with a wastegate like the 1.4T engines use.
I twin charged my cobalt and it was cool I could have got a lot more power if I would have stuck with just a turbo. The problem with big numbers on twin charge is controlling intake air temps.
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