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UG and ECM Volt Too High

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Every now and then when I start the engine and Ultra Gauge will prodice "ECM Voltage Too High" alert. Measured ECM voltage at that time is 14.90. A minute later and voltage drops to ~14.50. This looks pretty normal to me and I would raise the UG ECM voltage limit to say 15.00 but wanted to make sure first. So, any opinions and spiritual philosophies about that?
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Thanx! I just checked UG manual and there min alarm for battery voltage is off (?) and max alarm is 14.9. I think I will turn off max alarm and set min one to say 13.80 (found that on Internet).
You'll most likely end up getting minimum alarms in that case too, as just as the Cruze can vary it's charging voltage higher, it also can, when certain conditions are met, lower the voltage or even turn off the alternator all together to save fuel. The lowest I saw on my Cruze at times was 12.7V. This is all under the assumption that "ECM Voltage" refers to charging voltage read by the ECM. If not, then you can take everything I said with a grain of salt.

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