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Ha, my 88 Supra came with a turbo boost gauge, a positive and negative pressure gauge that is plumbed into the intake manifold. But the last thing you should be looking at when hitting the gas, should keep a glance at the tach and speedometer, but most important, look out the window to see where you are going.

Such a gauge should also work with the Cruze, and would be a direct indication of actual intake manifold pressure, rather than indirectly with electronics. And the Cruze is not quite as fast. With a manual transmission, should also keep an eye on the tach, but you can tell easily if the turbo is working, if not, you ain't going anywhere.

Just don't let those gauges let you drive into a tree, or worse, somebody else. Or if you are not insured with Liberty Mutual, will only be driving 3/4's of a car.:th_salute:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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