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Unable to shift gears

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Hello everyone, Hope i can get some help here. i got a chevy cruze 2011 diesel LTZ a year and a half ago. But suddenly one day while turning on the car. I pushed the clutch and tried to turn on the car. The clutch did not come out. I had to pull the clutch manually. It became so hard. I managed to get it to the repaur shop. They said it was the clutch and flywheel issues. I spent a lot on it. Trust me, just because it is my dream car. Then it came back. Made a run of 1000 kms. Now a new problem arised. The clutch pedal has become hard and i am unable to push the gear. It stands in neutral but never shofts to any gear. When i turn off the car, the gear starts moving. I tried consulting the mechanics, some say clutch failure, some say gear box, some say master clutch cyclinder and some say flywheel with clutch. I tried to get in touch with the service Center. They are charging a heck of amount just to diagnose. Have someone come accross this issue or have any idea. Pls help.
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I would look at the clutch first, just because of the age of the car. Clutches are "wear" items and need to be replaced after 100,000 to 150,000 miles depending on how you drive. Unfortunately in the Cruze the flywheel must frequently be replaced at the same time.
Thanks for the response. But the clutch was replaced recently along with flywheel
Also the kms done is 52000
Thanks for the response. But the clutch was replaced recently along with flywheel
Then I would have to guess it wasn't lined up properly. Also, 52,000 KM shouldn't have required a clutch replacement except in the case of a lot of hard launches.
It sounds like the clutch petal is not releasing the clutch disk. Try reading this thread.
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