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Undecided on rims.

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Oh hello. Just thought I'd post this pic and get your opinions on these 2 rims. At first I really liked the rim on the front of the car, but the one on the back has started to get my attention a bit more. I'm undecided but am leaning more towards the rim on the back. What do you guys think? Sorry, but I forget the names of both. If I remember or find them I'll post them. Both are 18" so I'd need new tires to go with them as the Cruze Diesel is 17" stock.

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EDIT: Front rim is Niche Misano. Still can't remember the back rim's name.
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I'm not a fan of most wheels, but I actually like the front ones.

The back ones aren't my taste at all.

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These are personal opinions. Not absolute truths. I'm not a fan of most wheels. The rear look very Japanese import to me. For me that's a look inconsistent with a CTD. The fronts are a touch reminiscent of a Cadillac wheel, but cheaper looking in execution. They still don't work for my taste.

Why not look at what GM offers for Cadillac ATS at This ATS wheels are a direct fit.
Deffinately the rear wheels on that Red Cruzen .. that is a way better look
IMHO .. More Mass and perspective .........................
The first ones look sick but they will look funny if you have drums in the back:(
The first ones look sick but they will look funny if you have drums in the back:(
Definitely would not get that style if I had drums on the back. Diesel comes standard with 4-wheel disc brakes.
I like the style of the front and I think the spokes are easier to clean compared to the second option. So, what did you get? Post pics when you can.
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