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So earlier this week, a member (Zach Phelps) on the Cruzetalk facebook page posted that there was an update for all Cruze models with the Mylink system. In his post, he included the bulletin, (#15-NA-081) @ [ ] that correlates to the update. He also stated the the dealerships likely won't be receiving the update until mid March.

Does anyone know any more details about this supposed Mylink update? From what I've read, this should be totally different from the Mylink Navigation update that was released not too long ago. Is this an update you can or should get even if your Mylink system isn't showing any of these symptoms? Should the dealerships be knowledgeable about this bulletin and be able to provide more information at this time?

I haven't personally had all the issues that are included in this upcoming Mylink update, but I have certainly had some of them. I've had bluetooth issues, iphone pairing issues, and screen freezes when using nav. Plus, I'd really like to get the voice recognition and nav updates this mylink update is supposedly offering. I know many of the iphone and bluetooth issues will be addressed in the next couple iOS updates.

The link to this Facebook post can be found here...
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