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I posted a thread awhile back and got a lot of quality feedback. Thank you all for that.

Since I've been shifting manually and keeping the RPM's down, and always using 93 octane fuel I've boosted the fuel economy to a minimum of 29mpg and have seen on longer highway trips of 35mpg. I have kept the cruise control set at 70 (as to not be run over) and it's made all the difference.

So what I've done total is this:

Changed the plugs and regapped them
Tires are at max sidewall pressure 44psi
Shifting manually to help the transmission relearn driving habits. If not I'm ok with manual shifting.
Always using premium 93 octane (I did on this last trip fill back up with 87 for the ride home and it was a 4mpg difference from 93 octane)

Here is a picture of the last trip. The economy is right on the money with doing the math after a fill up


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