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I had a 2012 Cruze – 2LT that I have driven for the last 80,000 miles or so.(Purchased with 7,000 miles on it) It proved itself to be reliable, get decent mileage and I had no doubt that it would last well over 200k miles if I needed it to. (I put about 23-24k miles per year on it driving to work and back) There were a few things that annoyed me about it. Nothing dramatic but a few small things like:

  • I missed the Autoclimate control from previous vehicles I have owned
  • I never did manage to find the trunk opening button inside the vehicle (if there was one)
  • I stream music from my phone and teathering it with a cord was annoying at best
  • While I did like thelook of my cruze, I really liked the look of the RS package (which I did nothave) and I did not really care for the redesigned look of the 2016 cruze.
  • Rear visibility was notwhat I hoped for when backing up - wished I had the back up camera

I resolved almost all my issues by trading in my cruze on a new (to me) 2015 Cruze LTZ with RS, sunroof and pioneer stereo. I got a pretty good deal on it and so far am very happy about it. The ride seems quite a bit rougher than my 2LT was, but I am guessing that is due to the tires on the LTZ. To early to tell anything about mileage yet, but I am hopeful that it will be close to the 34-35 I was getting with my 2lt. It has about 26K miles on it and was certified. (so I should have warranty to 48K miles).

I drove about 3 hours (each way) to get it last night so I have only about 4 hours driving with it so far, but it seems to be meeting most of my needs so far and resolves almost all the issues mentioned above.

If it is as reliable as my first cruze, i am sure I willbe very pleased with the new ride.....

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