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Hey everyone! I've been scanning the forums and Google search for a couple of months and can't seem to quite get my head around what upgrades would be best for my cruze. I'm also having difficultly finding what upgrades are worth my time and money.

So, I have a 2015 2LT RS. Bought it Nov 4 2015 with 10200 miles and now I'm at 30664 miles. My plans are to upgrade the exhaust system, lower it slightly, new air filter, brake pads, tires, rims, possible my new injectors and POSSIBLY the turbo from BNR. Honestly, whatever else is worth upgrading to as well. I want to pour money into this car but at the same time I'm 22 and possibly might go back to school. I also drive anywhere from 200-300 miles every day I work so I'd like these upgrades to work well with it being my everyday car.

Honestly, I'd like to trade my RS rear bumper for a non RS bumper so I can install a quad pipe exhaust kit. But at the same time if that's not worth the money then getting an upgraded kit works too

For the suspension, I want to lower it enough but not slammed. Enough that I can still use it over some potholes.

I honestly can't see or tell the difference. I know K&N is great but I truly don't know.

So I was looking at the Hawk Pro 5.0 S pads but then realized they don't fit on the cruze haha. I currently like the brakes now but if there's something out there that's great performance for the dollar, I'll take it.

I have the stock continentals on and they're meh. Looking for better grip in all seasons. Not really worried about mpg.

I guess this is more subjective but if there's a material or type worth getting over others or whatever. I'm currently looking at these

On the BNR website they recommended getting injectors if I went with their turbo. I'm not sure how injectors would help in any way seeing as I don't know anything. Yeah :/

$2000 for a new turbo in a car that I'm not sure is worth doing that much for. I also keep seeing people commenting that the manifold(?) is attached to the turbo and makes it a harder upgrade. I'm not really sure but I'm down for any hp and torque gains. I also see posts about the automatic transmission can only handle 180hp but I'm not sure if that's like 2011 stage cruzes or if they changed to a better system. I couldn't find any new or different info on the 2015 curse.

I know this is a lot and I hope I out it all in the right place. Just looking for any advice and help to make this cruze mine for the years to come.


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The turbo upgrade as far as I know is a direct swap, if you join the CruzeTalk Facebook group there's a member there that just got it done (he's not here in the forum). Install it and the injectors it comes with, AND get the tune and you should be mostly set with some tune tweaks here and there. Also I'm pretty sure the trans is good to 210-220hp rather than 180hp. So that shouldn't be an issue.

I would start with the eibach lowering springs, a tune, then intake and exhaust. (The tune is needed to keep any exhaust check engine lights from being a bother, and to take advantage of the extra breathing the turbo gets). The tune wakes it up considerably, you may find you don't NEED the turbo upgrade (although I'm sure you'll still want it) but without the tune the car is fairly anemic at times, with the tune that's a very different story.

Sounds like you have a good plan though, post some pics! Keep us up to date, and join that FB group...there's a bunch of young people there and you get much quicker responses there (sometimes) but the forums definitely have the more knowledgeable answers most times haha.
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