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Installed Brembo brakes yesterday. The kit is actually listed for the Sonic, but since the Cruze uses the same calipers and rotors, it would seem that they would work. A friend that happens to be a brake engineer crunched the numbers and the Brembo kit was within 5% of the stock output, so there was no reason to NOT give it a try. Hope the video link works.
You know the only upgrade I ever did in my previous Car was order OEM All Weather Mats that 'seemed' to fit. In fact they were sold online by a Hyundai Dealer for my model, although Hyundai had revised the car to put an extra post to hold the mats in place. Let me just say it was the biggest automotive mistake I ever made when the mat slid under the accelerator. I'd only use the exact parts for your specific Car?
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