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Just wanted to add a thread about my project. I upgraded the MyLink in my 2013 to a 2015.

Why? What's different?

  • It plays WAV files
  • Automatic time set
  • Unit can display/read aloud SMS messages from your phone
  • Curving guidelines in the backup camera (!)

As far as projects goes, this is probably the simplest one. Just replace the "silver box" radio with a unit from a 2015/2016 Cruze. Plug and play. Total cost should be under $100.

The two hard parts: Clearing the VIN and getting the right radio.

By the "right radio", we mean one that came from a Cruze and is optioned the same way as your car (with or without premium sound, with or without the backup camera).

For the latter, you'll want to get the VIN of the donor car from the seller and plug it into a website that will give you the "build sheet" for that particular car. Since most eBay sellers don't publish that up front, you're going to have to inquire with them.

Big thanks to StLouisCPhT for the technical assist and pointers.

I'll try to post details as time permits.
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