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Upgrading sound system 16 limited

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I have the base system with the touch NON navi. It sounds "good" but not great. Looking for recommendations on speakers amps ext.
My initial thought was i want to replace every speaker in the car with something better and ADD the dash speaker also 6x9 subs in the rear deck. I cant seem to find 6x9 SUBS only. So may settle with a 10 in the trunk. I would LIKE to run tweeters either direct to the stock radio or amp them if need be, doors as mid range on an amp and a sub in the back somewhere. Any thoughts on the best route to take and what speakers seem to sound good and fit well in the car. Budget isnt a huge issue but as always the cheaper the better lol.
Thanks in advance!!

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I have the 16 limited as well and just thinking about putting some 3 way speakers on the rear deck from JBL
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