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Upgrading speakers

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How hard is it to do?

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Not hard at all front are component might take a tad longer to install (a couple more steps) the rear speakers are super easy
Don't have to remove door panels because the stock speakers in the ls isn't cutting it

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Unless your speakers are really crap, like the ones that came in my 04 Cavalier, 16 ohm impedance and crepe paper cones. Really won't notice that much difference unless you install larger speakers.

Did come with 6 by 9's in the rear deck, but 16 ohms off a 12 volt supply. Couldn't get any volume out of these things, but if I could, would be distortion. So besides adding good speakers, had to install external amplifiers.

88 Supra was a different problem, stock was four 4" speakers or reasonable good quality, but even trying four 130 buck each speakers still didn't make that much difference. Still 4" speakers, what did was a brain buster, inverting the spare to mount an overdrive 10" speaker feeding it both with left and right channels. And treating the stock 4 inchers like upper midrange for a stereo effect.

Mounting a cabinet in the rear hatch was not an option, could no longer store the removable roof back there or no space to carry a six pack.

Stock Cruze only has six inch speakers, don't expect to get much bass with six inches.
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I have pioneer D-series components in the front and coaxial in the back, I have an Ls too, and I have installed dynamat on all doors to be honest it sounds really good and clean only down side is the tweeters are really hash on some songs
This 2012 2LT I have is one of the very few stock radios I have had where I can turn the volume all the way up without getting distortion.
Stock Cruze only has six inch speakers, don't expect to get much bass with six inches.
One of my neighbors asked if I had put a sub in my ECO after listening to me drive by one day. The base radio can shake the rear view mirror if you run the right noise (music) through it. It does take a few thousand miles to get the best out of these speakers though.
Have a couple of 18 inches in an indoor woofer box. If a woofer goes way down to the audible frequency range, no such thing as a subwoofer. Some idiotic marketing term.

Point is, such a thing as having too much bass, had to add attenuators to them as to not down out the mid and high ranges. Too bad I can't share some of this bass with my Cruze. Or with anyone on this board.
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