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As for a lower front chassis brace, they are designed to work with the strut brace to completely solidify your suspension. However, we have a FF car (front engine/front drive), which tend to naturally oversteer, which is a problem that comes with a rear end that cant keep up with the front. In short, your car comes stock, with a front that can out corner your rear. Which also means that if you put more time into reinforcing the front of your car, the more it will oversteer, and in fact, you can make your steering worse than stock.

This is the main reason why I recommended the rear tower brace, because it does a lot to help our car in a corner, and after installing both the rear tower and front strut brace, I can easily say that the rear tower had the biggest impact, and the reason being is stated above. Another good choice would be a rear sway and front end links. As sway bars help reduce body roll through corners by limiting the amount your chassis twists through hard cornering.
Thanks for all the insight. I've been looking closely at all the braces that Ultra Racing offers – adding front and rear tower braces on previous cars always helped to tighten things up.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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