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USB-Flash drive not working!

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Hello all!
I just bought a 2016 Chevy cruze about 2 weeks ago and I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem. I bought a 2GB flash drive which worked for a few days. Now I have to reinsert the flash drive every time I want to listen to music. After a few songs it will just shut off and say something like device not supported. Any ideas?

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What brand of flash drive are you using?

And welcome to the forum!
I just bought a 2016 Chevy cruze about 2 weeks ago
The "2016 Limited" or the "All-new 2016"?

The limited is a Generation 1 car. It does seem to be picky about the USB drive. Forum members have good luck with the Sandisk Cruzer (Just remember, Cruzer for the Cruze.) I first used a PNY, but it would give me that error every now and then. The Cruzer will sometimes do it, but very rare. Maybe a couple times a year.

The "all new" 2016 is a second generation car that just came out. We're still learning about that one. We do know the radio is completely different.
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Its a 2016 limited. Ahh I do have the PNY. Ill have to get a sandisk cruzer and see If that fixes it. Thank you so much!! Its been driving me insane

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PNY is a good brand. I like it for anything else. But my Cruze doesn't.
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MP3's can be protected or not protected, protected does give all kinds of problems.

In Windows file manager, or whatever they are calling it now, if you open your directory and list all of your MP3's, can right click the name bar with a bunch of selections listed. Click Protected on, this will tell you if your songs are protected or not.

I do not have this protected problem, been buying my own CD's since around 1987, and using either Windows Media or Nero to rip off the tracks as they call this, they are not protected. Also use the MP3 suffix as opposed to wma, wma gives problems. Rip at 192 KB/sec for high quality. Also have that San Disk Cruzer, several of them, nice and short, and can sure put a lot of CD's on it. Sure beats driving into a tree trying to find the CD scattered all over your vehicle trying to find a song you want to hear. Cruze follows the directory format. Have like Classical, then a bunch of classical albums listed, then the songs so use Folder view. Ha, also Rock and Roll folder, but not Rap yet.

Another problem, know this because I have a ton of kids, is downloading MP3's loaded with a virus, dad, why did my computer crash, can also crash an MP3 player. *.jpg files can also be loaded with a virus crashing your computer, okay to view them on facebook or My Space, but if you download them, you may have major problems. They also store all their crap in Drive C, stupid, when that crashes, they lose everything. Won't listen to their dad.

Some can be recovered by pulling the HD with another computer, but don't use a good one, may crash that one as well.

Welcome to the digital age.
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Yes, give the Cruzer a try. That is what I have in my car and have had zero problems to date.
Wife purchased a SanDisk MP3 Player back in 2008, that thing almost drove me nuts. Came up with frimware updates that went backwards, glad I saved the original.

She also downloads protected MP3's from Rhapsody before we went on a trip, it crashed on her, the only way we could get it to work was on her computer, had one along, couldn't even let us log in on it. She wanted the console with a battery charger with better speakers. Then they started putting MP3's in smart phone about a year or two later, so the thing is gathering dust. Wonder if I could get five bucks for it with free shipping on ebay.

She gave up using itunes to upload her music on her iphone, has her old android that still works with her MP3's on it, so carries that with her.

Cruze was so easy, just copied all my music files to that SanDisk Cruzer with one click of the mouse button, took a nap while it was loading, all was organized the way I installed it. Same for the Samsung S4, pulled the micro SD chip out of it, and plugged that into my computer. Works just a nice as on the Cruze.

But I lack the prestige of not having an iphone.
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