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USB not working to play music

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I have a 2011 Cruze, out of nowhere the USB stopped playing music from my iphone Xs Max. I tried a bunch of different USB chords with zero luck. Anyone have any tips?
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Does the phone charge when connected?
If it does charge, did the settings change for the output audio? On the 2012 ls it can only play mp3 format. Figured that out when I tried plugging in a USB and only got a handful of songs come up
My 2011 USB has never been able to play songs through my USBC cable and Samsung phone. The phones seem to be hit or miss. The USB will only play mp3 or WMV files through a USB stick, it won't play the m4a files that iTunes used.
This happened on our 2012 RS using an Iphone XR. Based on searches I determined it is a IOS 15.1 issue. If you go back to a previous version of IOS the USB functionality works

See thread below on apple:

The current work around is a Iphone aux to 3.5mm cord and plug into the 3.5mm input rather than USB of your car.

While we wait on a IOS update :)
play songs in through my efeito sonoro USBC cable and Samsung phone. Music co mot nguoi sound yeu mot nguoi. Van doi toque para celular gr谩tis cho cho mp3 iphone ussed
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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