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A 2015 with 26K miles...this car is relatively new. Having pause regarding a potentially missed oil change is legitimate however in the bigger picture not a huge issue.

If the car was having mechanical issues it would have been back to the dealership for warranty and/or recall service multiple times by now and that for sure would be reflected on CarFax. Sounds like that's not the case with this car.

As related elsewhere in this forum, what CarFax WON'T show is if the vehicle was in a minor accident or possibly a deer strike and previous owner had it repaired without reporting the VIN.

The low miles and age of the vehicle makes it sound like a lease return. I've had pretty good luck with lease returns in the past...let someone else take the depreciation hit and drive off in a like new car that will last for years.

Rather than a lease return, it could be just an owner that likes to trade for new every couple of years. Either way, absent a record of multiple service issues, I'd buy with confidence and just make it a point to maintain good service records going forward.

Good luck with your purchase decision.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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