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2016 Cruze Limited LT 1.4 turbo
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Hello there!
Just like pretty much every turbo Cruze out there, I have coolant disappearing issues and need some help please.
Every other week, I have to fill the reservoir because it's almost empty.
I have changed the water pump, thermostat (with housing), and entire reservoir tank and I still am having issues.

I have finally tried the UV Dye kit to help show me where the leak may be. It's really difficult to take quality pictures of the UV Dye that I see without the camera wanting to go out of focus or just not pick it up altogether; I have included some pics and will take off the heat shield next to see if I can see more UV Dye under it.

I use orange coolant and bought the AC Delco orange coolant UV Dye. Anyone that has used this before, is the color I am looking for when locating the possible leak a bright greenish color? I see that, but in other spots I see a bright blue color, and in other spots I see a bright orange color... I'm pretty confused.

It seems the bright green color might be what I'm looking for and I've located some around the turbo (see pics). Turbo was just changed about 2k miles ago. Any ideas of what may be going on?

I'll try and take better pics soon and I'll take the heat shield off if needed.

Thank you for any potential help.

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I will take a look there next this weekend,
thank you.
Just gently squeeze where the hose connect to the water outlet. If it gives at all, you need another one. If you are not careful when you replace it, you will cause other items to leak as well.

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Look at the surge tank hose connection (1) as this is one likely leak spot and the hose connection at (2) goes soft as time marches on due to the high heat. This is the spot to squeeze. I bought Dorman water outlets as they are lifetime warranty, but if you have the money, IIRC MP Fab was making an aftermarket version. I also stumbled across an aluminum one as well.

How-To: Replace 2011-2016 Cruze 1.4L Coolant/Water Outlet
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