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Part 1, yes that spot is good if you want it as a 1 piece unit. I seen people take them apart and put the display buttons and LEDs inside the gauge cluster so it's hard to spot w/o prior knowledge

Part 2, yeah for radar it can be a warning device if you aren't the only car on the road. I used to sit in one spot and use the hold button so it never just sent out a cone until I wanted it to. You let go and watch for brake lights. After the 3rd time you had PC for a possible possession of a radar detector. Lidar is useless since you are targeting 1 car and readings are faster than you can react by nose diving. You have to hope the shooter takes too long to let off the trigger when you break your speed or is eager to get you to speed 3 more miles faster to get you in the 15+ Over bracket. Only way to defeat lidar is non reflective surfaces(reason front plates are the best target) and jamming(seasoned officers know the signs). I was a lidar over radar fan especially in the winter because windshield defrost on the front antenna will always register for target speeds. Highest setting in the Impala defrost is like 36mph.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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