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VCDI butterfly valve chattering

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hi all, i have a 2011 cruze 2.0VCDI and i have a problem, when im just trying to maintain a speed on a flat road or accellerating up hill i have this kinda juddering thing going on, its like one cylinders not getting enough fuel or something, i was advised it was an EGR problem so just to test i unpluged what i thought was the EGR, turns out i unplugged the butterfly valve near the inlet, nethertheless this fixes the problem nicely until a day or 2 later when engine light comes on and reduced power mode, any ideas ?

just to mention im getting poor MPG also, manages about 30mpg urban driving
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Haven't heard of anything like this on the North American diesel. Where are you located/
I've noticed mine doing this as well. I also have the k&n intake and when it does this you can hear it too. I don't know what it is or what causes it but it is very irritating.
Visit local dealer and let them scan ECU for errors and also run some diagnostics. Might be faulty actuator on throttle body, faulty fuel pump or anything like that.
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