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Visual Garage Shark Fin Group Buy

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Hey guys!

We had a lot of people asking for a VG group buy so we are doing one! Pricing is still under discussion with Visual Garage, but we will post it as soon as we get it worked out. Who would be interested? Post up and we'll add you to the list. :eusa_clap:

[email protected]

UPDATE: Pricing set by Visual Garage was 5% off but we're going to go a head and do better... IF we can get 30 people, I will do $65 shipped in the USA. Keep in mind, VG's MSRP is $87 so they are already pretty decently discounted through us. ONE THING though- VG is going to be closing for the holidays around the time this group buy is put in. Expected shipping dates are mid to late January. I just want to make sure everyone knows that before they buy.
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The price on BNR's web-site right now is $80. We had a group buy a couple of years ago and I think the price got down to roughly $70.
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I stuck this for you in the Vendor Group Buy forum. We'll unstick it after the group buy is complete.
I think GM messed up my service parts Id card tho.. After BC/CC says 04Y for my paint code... Which is the code for blue metallic. Called a local dealer gave them my vin and they said my paint code is 8624. That code isn't anywhere on my ID card in the glovebox. Kinda werid
My code is also wrong. What color is your car? Maybe someone will have the correct color code.
Anyone with touch up paint will have the color code on the paint bottle. That's how I figured out my color code.

I assume more people can still get in on this until the clock countdown ends.

Thanks Jerry.
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