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Vote for Pedro

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Hi guys!

My name is Pedro, and I am living in Michigan, but I am native from Puerto Rico. About a month ago, I became owner of a Cruze 2016 LT RS Manual. I love the car, but I am getting to the point where I can't stand having my car everything OEM. Looking forward to be able to customize it.

I want to first, get all my windows tinted, and re-install my amps and subwoofers, I feel naked without them, so if you guys have info in how to remove that front radio to see if a factory connector has been made to receive RCA, would be awesome.

I am keeping an eye on headlights, since I miss having my Bixenon Projector ourput from TheRetroFitSource, halogen suck ass.... Anyways, Nice to meet you all, and vote for me! lol.
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Panderer:bowing: Try the Audio & Electronics sub forum and welcome!

Gen2 Audio & Electronics
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Winner of the most creative introductory post. :) Welcome to CruzeTalk.
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Welcome to the forum! If you don't want to replace the factory radio, you can get one of these pac line out converters to get RCA signal for your amp.
Hmmm. Who is your Vice President running mate? I know you're a CruzeTalk member, so you're probably better than the current candidates. LOL.
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Welcome to the cruze talk Be cool stay cozy keep cruzen and Best Wishes !
Welcome to the forum! :welcome:
Thanks everyone!! I was able to install everything.
How about some pictures??
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