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Want to upgrade speakers but keep factory radio...

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Hello! New to this site, and been doing a lot of research lately as I'm trying to upgrade my speakers. I've got a 2015 Chevy Cruze LTZ with MyLink and Navigation (even though I don't use it), and unfortunately dropped money on the upgraded Pioneer speaker system (came with other things I wanted like the sunroof and heated leather seats, so I don't totally regret it). I really want to upgrade all the speakers while keeping the factory radio to retain lots of stuff that shows up on the mylink screen like car customization, AC settings, etc. Problem is - I need a wiring harness, and so far I've been out of luck finding one that fits this model. The sound place I went to mentioned that unless I find the one specific to this model, I will get engine noise through my speakers due to the turbocharged engine, and the fact that the car's system automatically handles this problem somehow. I've been all over the internet it seems trying to find a solution, and I'm almost to the point of accepting that there just might not be one yet. But I figured I should post to this forum and see if anyone else can help me. Thanks for reading! :)
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Xtremerevolution is a car audio expert, and has out a lot of information here about how and what to do. One thing he recommends is to not upgrade your speakers unless you upgrade amplification and add a DSP, for which he has created Gen1 Cruze files that work well. If you search around the rest of the car audio forums you should be able to find his recommendations and a lot of specific instruction.
I was going to get amplifiers for these speakers as well.

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I don't know what a DSP is, and I have searched through these forums but worried that because they seemed to be referring to other years of the Cruze, what I was reading wasn't going to apply. Thanks for your reply though, and I will check out that person's posts.

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Okay! I know what a DSP is now lol. AND I've checked out Xtremerevolution - I've actually skimmed that sticky before and it's all great information and I will definitely utilitize it. I've even checked out his website. :) However, please forgive me if I'm missing something here, but this is more about audio quality and tuning, and types of speakers, and not actually about attaching them to the factory radio. My issue is that if I'm trying to install these speakers, I was under the impression that I would need a wiring harness for all of this to work properly with my current factory headunit. I could be wrong... but that was information provided to me from the audio store, I was told I could not install any of the aftermarket speakers, not even the subwoofer, with amps, without this.
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