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Hi everyone. So my 2011 Chevy Cruze is leaking water from the overflow tank thing, but I can't find from where the water is leaking from. It's near the front driver's side. Kinda in front of my driver's tire.. It has a new water pump and hose. Still leaking. Any suggestions? Thank you! Victoria ~

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Which part should I try? Thank you
I assume you are not confusing the condensate from the AC with coolant...

Pictures are worth a 1000 words...

Squeeze the hose where it attaches to the water outlet. If it is soft, even though there is a hard piece of plastic inside of it ...

I compiled this answer from a number of other posts I answered so....

I would say the hose and probably the water outlet needs to be replaced. This car is known for collateral damage. If you ever get to replacing the water outlet, I would replace any other related plastic and probably the hoses as well. The cost for these parts is not that bad and many can be had with a lifetime warranty. Actually doing the work is pretty easy for most of the parts and we have many How-To:'s as well.

In the following thread, skip to post #7, then to read from #21 on.
Water Outlet Replacement
Link to post #7 - Powertrain Coverage
Link to post #21 - does anyone know what the torque specs are for water outlet bolts

Replace the water outlet, Dorman has a lifetime warrantied one.

How-To: Replace 2011-2016 Cruze 1.4L Coolant/Water Outlet
Engine Coolant Water Outlet Replacement

It could also be the surge tank and/or cap
It could be the water pump: Water Pump TSB
It could be the T-stat

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Hi. The coolant recovery tank is what's always empty! But I can't find where the water is leaking from. It's dripping in the front driver's side of my car. This is so frustrating!
When I had exactly the scary mainly phantom leak you are describing, it was..
The way I found it was by pressurizing (tire air pump) the cooling system to 20psi and putting myself under the car to see and feel the wetness of the hidden leak.

If not enough you can add a 'glow in the dark' IR activated fluorescent powder to the H20/coolant and shine a black light at it. Remember to wear yellow tint glasses.
Else you can use an inspection camera tied to a smartphone to see inside the bumper, etc.

BTW in my case it was the RADiator inside the front bumper, leaking forward into the warm intercooler. I repaired mine.. Careful when removing the bumper. Watch a YT video first.

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...Oh and it has an oil leak too. Any suggestions? Thank you! Victoria ~
You can power wash from below a nearly cold eng to remove all the dirt and add the same 'IR activated fluorescent powder' from my 1st answer above to pinpoint the leak origin.
A failing PCV system will pressurize the engine sump and wear a seal or permeate a gasket.

Fix it, then use an eng oil additive of the re-sealer type, like 'Auto-RX' added to a 'high mileage' engine oil to swell seals and gaskets back to functioning, before attempting a costly repair.
You must then drive from 600 to 1200 miles before you know if the seal swelling worked.
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