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Water leaking under car

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Past few days yes I have used my air conditioning alot. But today I took an hour drive it was only 12C outside I actually ended up having the heat on on my drive to work. I then noticed alot of water leaked under my car still....its more over to the passenger side of the vehicle which I hear where the AC drain hose is...but why would it be leaking water when I didn't even have it running?? I tasted it (yeah I know shouldn't do that) but it's definitely water has no taste whatsoever but the taste of pavement on the ground. :p

Edit: it's manual controls not automatic climate control. I did locate it and it's definitely coming from a rubber hose so my theory it's just the AC seems correct. Im sort of just confused on how when I definitely did not have the AC on during this one hour drive?

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In certain modes, the A/C can be on at the same time as you need heat. The idea is to dehumidify the air - and the way that's done is to cool the air to wring the water out of it and then heat it.

I'm pretty sure defrost mode will do that. I'm not sure about the others. A few have reported that the A/C will turn on in vent mode if the floor vent is selected.

Bottom line, the A/C can and will run at times you have not explicitly commanded it to turn on.
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I thought so. Makes sense thank you very much for your explanation.
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The heat turned on, I can relate. Its 119 right now at 8PM
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