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Past few days yes I have used my air conditioning alot. But today I took an hour drive it was only 12C outside I actually ended up having the heat on on my drive to work. I then noticed alot of water leaked under my car still....its more over to the passenger side of the vehicle which I hear where the AC drain hose is...but why would it be leaking water when I didn't even have it running?? I tasted it (yeah I know shouldn't do that) but it's definitely water has no taste whatsoever but the taste of pavement on the ground. :p

Edit: it's manual controls not automatic climate control. I did locate it and it's definitely coming from a rubber hose so my theory it's just the AC seems correct. Im sort of just confused on how when I definitely did not have the AC on during this one hour drive?

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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