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Water/meth without tune

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Wondering if it's is "somewhat" safe to start using my water/meth kit without a tune for it. I've been injecting straight water with not much luck, I keep getting misfires with it at higher RPM (4500+).

My question is, will the fuel trim account for the methanol being injected into the engine? I expect that it will run really rich, but I would think the ECU would have some ability to lean out the fuel being injected.

I've been waiting for my tune update from BNR but I guess they're horrendously backlogged with other requests
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What nozzle size are you Using? When does it start injecting? What are you EGT's?
Im running an aggressively lean tune (12.5 commanded afr vs 11.3 on a tune) to balance with my 100ml/min nozzle.

Should be safe to use it now
Will be better after the updated tune. But your risk running hot upon water/meth failure. It will pull timing quickly, i've got a CEL/limp mode for detonation once when it failed.

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I installed the smallest nozzle that came with the AEM Kit (Didn't seem to have an actual size stamped on it anywhere) and I had it set to start at 8PSI and end at around 30, so I wasn't hitting the max flow from the pump.
With just water it would misfire at higher RPM, Haven't tried it with the 50/50 yet cause I wasn't sure how it would react to it, since methanol is a fuel. I haven't done a real scan on it besides using Torque Pro for realtime stats.

I can't see it causing any harm besides running richer, and I doubt it would foul the plugs since the water is going to clean out most of the carbon in the engine as it is.

Mark, You're using that cheap "Turbo Power" washer fluid in your system correct? I think you said you were picking it up at home depot

Anyway, My car is going into the body shop tomorrow so I won't have it for a week. Somebody backed into my trunk :eusa_clap: I'm hoping my tune from BNR will be sent to me before I get it back.
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