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Water Outlet Hose Connector Leak

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Literally just changed this hose on my 2011 due to a hairline crack in the plastic connector; within a few weeks of changing it, noticed a very small coolant leak around the connector again. Had to take the car out last week before I got a chance to investigate a fix, next time I checked under the hood, I noticed some coolant laying on top of the front edge of the engine casing - is it reasonable that the coolant leaking from the connector could travel that far after spraying out from the connector? Or am I possibly looking at a more complicated issue? Starting to feel like a full time job dealing with coolant leaks in the Cruze.
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Many thanks!

Pics don't really show it well, I've drawn some little wavy lines to sort of illustrate where I'm seeing it; looks to me like it's collecting and running along the edge of the case (where the case bolts down, there's nothing visible above or below that, just on the ledge of the case), and I'm trying to figure out if there's any other potential source that I'm just missing. I've clearly seen droplets of coolant right at the connection site again (and obvious spots where it's collecting underneath after dripping), so it's unfortunately still an issue, just trying to rule out any add on issues. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
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Are you sure that is coolant? Because that is the exact area oil builds up on when the valve cover gasket is cracked.
Consistency of coolant when I touch it. Timing is also such that it appeared when I had to top up the coolant reservoir. No changes to oil level, no smells of burning oil or similiar, no smoking etc.
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