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You no NOT need to buy any gaskets as the outlet comes with the gasket.

The small o-ring that goes on the upper coolant reservoir hose where it hooks into the water outlet does need to be saved though, or at least in my case, the new hose did not come with one.

I had to replace my water outlet today due to a leak from somewhere, and decided to follow your guide with installation of a new water outlet + reservoir hose with the updated P/N's. It was actually rather fortuitous to replace the reservoir hose at the same time, because when I pulled it out of the water outlet during disassembly, the part of the hose that was hooked into the outlet literally disintegrated in front of me. That could have blown apart at any time with total coolant loss, and a call to a tow truck. I would just about recommend replacement of that hose as preventive maintenance...

Anyway, because it fell apart, it took me forever to find that stupid little o-ring. Other than that, it's a fairly easy job to replace the outlet + reservoir hose.
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