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I took my 2012 LT in for the water pump recall at about 75K miles. It just went bad again at 145K. What I was shocked to discover is that when The Chevy dealership that did the work(also bought it there) took off the bad/put the new one, they must have broken one of the bolts off in the they JB welded that hole where the bolt goes in!!! WTF?? Im not saying that this is the cause of it going out again but it would seem reasonable that they should have done it right, not half assed. They also must have lost one bolt because one of the bolts was different..not a torx??

Should I say nothing and let it be??

Id like to hear from the GM customer service rep on this site.
All thoughts are welcomed.

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Ya got a pic ?

I Would like to see some shotty stealership service tech work .
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