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We got a newbie here!

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Hey all! i am new to the member part of this site and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everyone.
as you probably guessed by the username its my wife that actually has the cruze and i have been using this site as a pretty handy tool since we bought the car a few years ago. we bought the car in 2013 and for the most part has been a pretty cool little car.

We live in washington state and the car is a 2013 lt with the 1.8l and automatic.
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Welcome. In the US the 1.8L is the LS trim and the LT trims have the 1.4T engine.
Welcome to the forum!
thanks! happy to be here. you guys have provided a lot of help to me over the years!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum and the cruze famliy, hope it gives you good service and we're here to help (if neeed/wanted).
thanks! actually while were on the topic i do have a question about a timing belt mishap we have recently had. should i post in a different area as well?
basically i attemted to change the timing belt myself and while i was working the tool that i had bought to hold the cam gears slipped. i then spent the time to try to make sure everything was aligned by taking off the valve cover and trying to align the ends of the cams so they are parallel with the head. but... the tool i had for that did not fit in the slots on the end off the cams so after messing with it for a while i got the cams to where the were parallel and then re applied the tool to hold the gears. after everything was put back together i noticed a very rough idle and slight surging. i turned it off and had it towed to the shop. they informed me that it was off by one tooth and said they put it back in time but the problem was still there. so afterwords i had it towed to the dealership. where i was told that it was the solenoid actuator valve that adjusts the cams was bad. then on the day it was supposed to be done i was told the water pump was bad. which i changed while i was doing the timing belt. it had about 2 miles on it. so the dealer installed a new water pump and i returned the bad one to autozone. pick up the car and it runs fine and about 200 miles later the new timing belt snapped while my wife was on the freeway doing about 70. so its back at the dealership and they are saying that valves were bent etc and there was no way to tell that the new belt would snap. so i suppose my main question is have you guys ever heard of a brand new timing belt just breaking?
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