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Weak HVAC airflow in fresh air mode with fan off

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Since new, my car has had very weak HVAC airflow in fresh air mode with the fan off. With the dash vents on, you can barely feel any air coming in at all. It goes away completely when you hit the recirc button, so the flapper doors seem to be moving.

Not a big deal; was just wondering if this was normal for the Cruze. I did search the forum and didn't come with much; will check the flapper door operation once I get the car back from its transmission replacement.
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30 Olds, could crack open the bottom of the windshield, later 30's-50's had a vent on the crowl under the windshield that could be opened, practically all vehicles had side vent windows that could even be opened in a rain storm to get air. Really miss these.

Now all vehicles have a grille under the windshield, air flowing over the hood upwards over the windshield creates a venturi effect that creates a vacuum in your vehicle so not only getting air, getting it sucked out. So would have to say getting no air with the blower switched off is normal.

The way cars are designed today, can't even drive them with a defective blower motor, windows fog up and they want a small fortune for these things. Cruze motor draws 20 amperes at full speed, can no longer get by with a 20 ampere generator.

Ha, a brief story of my life designing alternators, first 30, than 60, now over a 100 ampere output. Marketing demanded lower manufacturing cost for each successive model. FWD was a nightmare, an extra 40 amps for that radiator fan. Talk about burning the midnight oil to keep your job.
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