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Weak HVAC airflow in fresh air mode with fan off

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Since new, my car has had very weak HVAC airflow in fresh air mode with the fan off. With the dash vents on, you can barely feel any air coming in at all. It goes away completely when you hit the recirc button, so the flapper doors seem to be moving.

Not a big deal; was just wondering if this was normal for the Cruze. I did search the forum and didn't come with much; will check the flapper door operation once I get the car back from its transmission replacement.
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As I recall, it's slightly tucked up under the hood lip in Cruzes too, so probably not a whole lot of air even gets forced in there. Yeah, my 1988 Honda had fantastic flow-through, which was good because at the age I owned it, the A/C was dead, but it was shaped like a wedge.

I miss wing windows. Our 70's BMW had those as a kid, and they were incredible.

All in all, not a big deal. Glad I have A/C. Driving a Cruze with the rear windows lowered is miserable!
That buffeting noise? I've had others that do that, haha. Also a function of aerodynamics.
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