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Weekend installs

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Dragonsys' Cruze Build

Alright, so I changed this into a more Build Tracking thread.. LOL

Ok, so I am working on the following this weekend, and just wanted to see if anyone had any extra tips other than what is in the original threads...

  • K&N SRI Install [$150] (Resonator already bypassed) - Complete
  • Painted Front & Rear Bowties [$10] - Complete
  • Paint Steering Wheel Bowtie
  • Paint Cruze Badge [$30, includes new badge] - Painted, but not yet placed on car
  • Paint Wheel Bowties
  • Paint Trunk Chrome Bar
  • Remove eco badge [Free] - Complete
  • Check my Spark Plug Gap [Free] - Complete - Set to .035
  • AMP & Sub Install [$50] (PAC Ordered) - Complete
  • Tint Side Markers [$15] - Complete
  • Tint Tails [$15] - Complete - Will have to be redone due to accident
  • Relocate OBD-II plug [Free] - Complete
  • Big 3 [$60] - Complete
  • Paint Silver Interior Trim [$20] - Complete
  • Headlight Wiring Upgrade [$50] - Complete
  • Philips H13 9008 X-treme Power Headlight Bulb [$45] - Complete
  • Sunglasses Holder [$15] - Complete
  • Bypass BPV Solenoid [$5] - Complete
  • ZZP A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod [$40] - Complete
  • Boost Gauge [$55] - Complete
  • Oil Pressure Gauge - Almost done
  • Bluetooth ODB-II Reader with Torque Pro [$30] - Complete
  • Painted Intake Hard Pipe - Complete
  • Engine Bay Dress up - I have a few pieces complete, but still a few more to go.
  • Interior Dress Up - partially complete, not looking forward to removing the door panels to get at some of the trim pieces
  • Paint Front Grill Chrome trim [$15] - Complete
  • Paint Chrome [$25] - Complete
  • LED Dome, Map, Trunk (inside) & License Plate Lights (Cool White) [$18] - Complete
  • Hella Supertone Horns - Complete
  • 12v Power Outlets always on - Undone until I can rerun power wires for my gauges
  • 7" Tablet in Dash - Complete
There will be more coming as I get the money saved up and get the other half's approval to spend it on the car, lol

Coming Soon:
  • Amsoil Fluids (Transmission, Brake, Clutch, Coolant) - Just need to get off my lazy butt and change them. I have the fluids sitting in the box still.
  • VG Shark Fin - Ordered
  • Paint Interior Chrome Trim - Mostly complete, just a few pieces left.

Future plans/wants:
I'll add more as I think of it, or steal them from others ;)
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Actually i only used the remote blue wire off PAC harness... power and ground was taped off... not sure what would be outcome in terms of PAC operation but my AMP works fine.

Just avoided them initially for testing... but left them as it is once everything worked fine.
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