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Weekend installs

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Dragonsys' Cruze Build

Alright, so I changed this into a more Build Tracking thread.. LOL

Ok, so I am working on the following this weekend, and just wanted to see if anyone had any extra tips other than what is in the original threads...

  • K&N SRI Install [$150] (Resonator already bypassed) - Complete
  • Painted Front & Rear Bowties [$10] - Complete
  • Paint Steering Wheel Bowtie
  • Paint Cruze Badge [$30, includes new badge] - Painted, but not yet placed on car
  • Paint Wheel Bowties
  • Paint Trunk Chrome Bar
  • Remove eco badge [Free] - Complete
  • Check my Spark Plug Gap [Free] - Complete - Set to .035
  • AMP & Sub Install [$50] (PAC Ordered) - Complete
  • Tint Side Markers [$15] - Complete
  • Tint Tails [$15] - Complete - Will have to be redone due to accident
  • Relocate OBD-II plug [Free] - Complete
  • Big 3 [$60] - Complete
  • Paint Silver Interior Trim [$20] - Complete
  • Headlight Wiring Upgrade [$50] - Complete
  • Philips H13 9008 X-treme Power Headlight Bulb [$45] - Complete
  • Sunglasses Holder [$15] - Complete
  • Bypass BPV Solenoid [$5] - Complete
  • ZZP A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod [$40] - Complete
  • Boost Gauge [$55] - Complete
  • Oil Pressure Gauge - Almost done
  • Bluetooth ODB-II Reader with Torque Pro [$30] - Complete
  • Painted Intake Hard Pipe - Complete
  • Engine Bay Dress up - I have a few pieces complete, but still a few more to go.
  • Interior Dress Up - partially complete, not looking forward to removing the door panels to get at some of the trim pieces
  • Paint Front Grill Chrome trim [$15] - Complete
  • Paint Chrome [$25] - Complete
  • LED Dome, Map, Trunk (inside) & License Plate Lights (Cool White) [$18] - Complete
  • Hella Supertone Horns - Complete
  • 12v Power Outlets always on - Undone until I can rerun power wires for my gauges
  • 7" Tablet in Dash - Complete
There will be more coming as I get the money saved up and get the other half's approval to spend it on the car, lol

Coming Soon:
  • Amsoil Fluids (Transmission, Brake, Clutch, Coolant) - Just need to get off my lazy butt and change them. I have the fluids sitting in the box still.
  • VG Shark Fin - Ordered
  • Paint Interior Chrome Trim - Mostly complete, just a few pieces left.

Future plans/wants:
I'll add more as I think of it, or steal them from others ;)
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Finished up the Steering wheel (until the Body Paint comes in for the bowtie) and the tailights. Also painted the inner door handle surround & the little ring around the lock. I found the door switch panels are screwed in place from inside the door, so they will require taking the door panel off.

So I need more parts for the Oil Pressure gauge, so I will hold off on both gauges until I have everything. I only want to remove the A Pillar once if possible.
Ok, so now that the weather has turned nice (not that it will stay that way), I am looking to get back to installing all my wait parts & fluids...
Thinking I will go ahead and install the A-Pillar pods & gauges, and just lengthen the wires until I get all the rest of the parts I need to finish the install.
I'm gonna order a couple more quarts of Amsoil and then swapping out the Transmission fluid, finally.

I have a couple more things I am looking into as well, I will give more details when I have them
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Where did you relocate your OBDII to? Sounds interesting.
Where did you relocate your OBDII to? Sounds interesting.
I moved it to the Fuze panel. I can get a picture if you want.
Today I Bypassed the BPV Solenoid and started the Boost Gauge install only to realize I need more wire colors, lol. I'll probably make due using 1 color twice, since I only have 1 car and don't want to put it back together incomplete...
Boost Gauge is installed (minus nighttime light, until I find the right fuse). I have to say though, the ZZP A-Pillar pod does cover up the very left side of the gauge. I find myself leaning to the right to see the entire face.
Sounds like other than that, it went pretty well though and worth it? Pics? (unless my work pc is just not showing them).
Sounds like other than that, it went pretty well though and worth it? Pics? (unless my work pc is just not showing them).
I'm going to try and get some this weekend, if the weather holds out. I have been doing this work late at night and closed up in the garage
Weather turned to crap again. I will get updated pics as soon as the weather (and time) allows
Got the bowites painted, though I did mess up a little on the front, and will have to touch it up later.
I also installed a vinyl to the front bumper
Added some teflon tape to the thread of the Oil Sender adapter. Hopefully this will hold better than the pipe sealant did. If this does the trick, then I should be able to get the Oil Pressure gauge install wrapped up soon.
Painting more parts as well.

Still waiting on time & weather to both cooperate so I can clean the car and get some updated pictures...
Added some teflon tape to the thread of the Oil Sender adapter.
Still leaking around the OE sending unit, everything else looks good.
Pulled code P0171 today. Have an appointment with the dealer in the morning to get it looked at. Wonder if I can get them to do an oil change at the same time.
Got the horns moved. Though they are now muffled by the bumper. I want to put them in the grill hole, but will have to make brackets for them to fit. Man I need to clean that radiator

Painted the Chrome to body match & removed the block off panels
Also finished up the Bowtie

A small vinyl added in black; thanks to ls1vazquez for the idea & the vinyl!
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Gonna try to get brackets mounted for the horns, on top of the bumper, this weekend. Might clean off the rad while I have the bumper cover off as well.
Also, I'm going to try tackle the Chrome along the Windows & Trunk bar, if the weather holds out for it. I need to touch up the radio trim, as it got damaged recently, and finish the inner door handles.
Platidip does have an Orange Blaze. I have not seen the Seraph Orange in person, so I don't know how well it will match, but if there is a Dip installer near you,they might have an example you can check out.
i did the blaze orange on mine!


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i did the blaze orange on mine!
Looks decent. Is your car black?
Hay Dragon I think we will not hear from that guy until next year . Been here just shy of a year and then gets his first post Dang , I can't stop yapping orange wheels that's sic .
ok, I got the horns to their final resting places. 1 in the stock location and the other on the opposite side of the car. Much better sound.
Weather has not been holding out for me to paint though...
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