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Weird Issue: Starter Chug and Electrical Reset when Parked

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Hi all. 2011 1LT with the RS package (1.4L Turbo Engine)
The past two days, I've had a really weird thing happen on my drive to work. The car starts and drives normally. When I arrived at work, I turned the key to off, and the radio and other electronic equipment stays on, also like normal. About 10-30s after turning the car off, there was a sound like the starter was trying to crank (like a single chug or hrnch). The engine didn't crank, it just did a quick half-chug. I know the description is vague, but it's the best I can do!

Oddly, it didn't do the same thing in the afternoon when I got home yesterday. We'll see if it does it today...

At the same time as the chug, the radio and other electrics had a hard reset. Radio turned off and restarted, 12V socket turned off and back on (my phone was plugged in and made the "I'm charging now" sound).

I've never encountered anything like this. Any ideas? I'm selling the car at the beginning of June, so if it's not something that's going to strand me (or if it's something really expensive), I don't want to fix it.
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I’ve witnessed mine exhibit this exact same behaviour, twice.

No idea what the cause is. But suspect a bad relay.
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