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Hi, I live in Australia and I have a Holden 2011 SRI-V Cruze sedan I bought last week. Its done 100,000km and is driving well, performance and handling are great. However I noticed sometimes (usually when I've driven the car for a while, stopped and then started it again with the engine still warm) it seems to make a noise like windscreen wipers. It kinda speeds up with the engine and disappears when i turn the AC on. However it makes no noise at all when started cold.
Here is a video and you can hear the sound if you turn up the volume, which i recorded after i drove somewhere, sat the car for a bit and turned it on.

My car is under warranty from a dealer (from getting a 5yr up to 200,000km option). I'm just wondering is this normal or does something need to be fixed. I think i found something about an Air Conditioning compressor and an idler pulley bearing being faulty in another thread...
I listened to the video, & this sounds a lot like my issue I have w/ mine. I got this 'whooshing' sound & it can be heard in the cabin, when turning the A/C on it quits & soon as you turn it off the sound slowly creeps back to whooshing again. Its looks like you will need a new A/C Compressor. At first the dealership thought it was the 'belt tensioner' so that was replaced along w/ new drive belt. That didn't resolve the problem & came to find out it was as mentioned A/C compressor making that sound, even tho that whooshing sound is there the AC is ice cold.
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