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Well...another problem. WTF.

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Hi everyone. Hope your day is better than mine. Driving home last night I heard a thud under the car. Sounded like someone hit a hammer to the under side of the car. Immediately the car lost power and began shuddering and won't shift good. Almost no acceleration, the car shudders, and shifts very odd. It will eventually get up to speed (kind of) but the car shakes and shudders very badly. No engine lights whatsoever, no oil leak, no coolant leak. I smelled the oil when I finally got home and it seemed fine Just runs horrible. Dealer can look at it next Wednesday. Hoping it's not catastrophic. I'm thinking either turbo or transmission related. But, I'll be honest, I have no friggin clue.
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I wonder if you could pull it off and have someone fab it up? Maybe a place that does diesel stuff.
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