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I bought my 2014 Cruze LS new in October 2014. In the past I've driven many rental cars on business trips, so I've always known which car would be my next new purchase when my current car needed to be replaced. But this time around I hadn't rented a car since 2009 (the business trips stopped, which was fine by me), so I really had no clue which car to buy!

The car to be replaced was a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero. My plan was to "downsize" to a compact car. Being a "Detroit Big Three" person, I test drove the following (all are new 2014 models with automatic transmissions and assembled in the US):

1. Chevrolet Cruze LS (1st Chevy Dealer)
2. Ford Focus S
3. Ford Focus SE (Same dealer as Focus S. The salesperson insisted I drive the SE after driving the S, even though the powertrains were the same and I really didn't care about all the extra gizmos in the SE.)
4. Dodge Dart SE
5. Chevrolet Cruze LS (2nd Chevy Dealer)

In the end I bought my Cruze from the 2nd Chevy Dealer and continued my all-GM car ownership!
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