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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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I actually had to store my baby for the year , had some early snow in Toronto didn't wanna get my rotiforms too salty lolol . Missing the Cruze already I need summer back :(
installed my boost gauge and zzp gauge pod, had it sitting in my garage for 2 years finally had some time for the cruze and got it all done in an hour!
Im a Gen1 owner haven't seen too many in my area don't even know the new models Chevy offer but I gotta say, I like the gen 2's black on black...nice touch!

Took some time today to use some Plasti dip.

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What year is your Cruze?
100% faulty negative battery lead/wire. AC Delco has the part. I had this problem happen to me recently last 2 years haven’t been driving the Cruze daily I thought I needed a new alternator since battery was brand new and all my cars are trickled when not in use for extended period of times etc blah blah blah lol , for a quick fix if your stuck wiggle the negative battery cable and then try starting your car . Search the thread on cruzetalk we have a great write up! Hope this helped !

Installed the battery last night. No lights came on, no sounds no response from car at all, trickle charger says batters charged, must be something simple I think?

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Ya same with my 2011, thought I needed a new battery, alternator since it would die on me randomly even though my meter showed 14 V......did some research and found the negative cable, mines coming in tomorrow and I will be swapping out the cables so ill send you a message and let you know 100% if that was the problem. Everything else cars been running awesome cant complain. I do baby my cars lol

I finally got it started by throwing a 10 amp charger, I got no codes but after 30 seconds the stabilitrac and traction control system lights came on, which I understand are tell tale signs, its wierd it took 9 years and 50 k miles to show

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Bought some more ZZP parts :) project big turbo is happening this year just hit 40,000k on my Cruze and it is time !!!!! Lolol
Started to come up with a way to mount new LED fog lights into my stock rs housing
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Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Gauge

Installed some 12v switches for new custom fog lights , finally painted the rest of my front bumper chrome pieces and installed a tow hook because racecar lol
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Took her for a nice cruze!
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Finally had some time to install my front bumper after replacing a leaking transmission line, oil change and ended up replacing my tranny oil because I found it BLACK and got scared lol. 40,000 KM ,was OEM fluid.
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Installed LED interior lights.
What brand did you buy ? Any pics ? I’m looking to do the same but haven’t done any research on them yet lol
I like your fog lights. Did you buy a kit off somewhere?
I just bought a cheap set off Amazon , used a single one on my enduro since they were super bright and used the OEM fog light mounting piece I know I have a thread or pictures posted on this website of them …..only drive with these on on super dark roads Liked the way the leds looked instead of OEM, don’t know looks a bit meaner lol but that’s just my weird taste :)
Marsauto 6k white and blue 194 LEDS

My first time buying these, but so far so good. They are about 150-200% brighter and noticeably whiter than my stock bulbs. I have read the Amazon ratings and the negative ones talk about these flickering. Well, they work perfectly, I'm thinking many people out there have PWM lighting that is causing issues. Also there are reports of them not fitting snuggly. Well, again they fit perfectly. Others talk about half of them not working from a pack, well they are polarity sensitive. If they don't work reverse them in the socket. IMHO most of the negative reviews were posted by drooling idiots. Regardless, I don't think it matters what brand you get, many of them appear to be made in the same factory then put in 30 differently branded boxes:LOL:

My favorite resource for information and ideas is...

Interior with white map lights and blue domes.
View attachment 297428

Interior blue domes

View attachment 297429

Interior with just 6K map lights

View attachment 297430
wow!!!! they look great Sparky !
I like your fog lights. Did you buy a kit off somewhere?
this is a pic of them on if your interested
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Finally replaced my OEM wiper blades
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