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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Dropped the kids off at respective schools, cursed under my breath with the CEL coming on again (99% certain it's the poor-performing catalytic converter code again!), drove the 45 miles to work, (averaged 40.2 mpg according to the car). Contemplated getting the foglights for the Eco as a birthday present to myself. Scheduled an oil change at the dealership while it's still free (thanks CPO!)
Took mine to the stealership for an oil change and check on a coolant leak.

Turns out it was death by 1000 paper cuts
(water pump ready to go out due to bad seals but replaced under special coverage 14371, every water connection to the turbo (two feed, one return), oil cooler and turbo oil feed gasket/seals, and camshaft actuator seals. I imagine that overpriced t-connector was in there too.

At least they gave me a loaner for the 5 days they had my car in the shop (2018 Silverado 4 door, managed to get 16.9 mpg out of it). Hopefully won't have to go through that repair again.
Dropped way to much money on replacing the turbo, rear main seal, and AC compressor. 133k on the car at present, so I guess it's time for all the original stuff to break. Wondering if the sensor wire (large blue one that attaches near the turbo) should be rerouted as it looks to be in a different place than original. Originally it was routed under the intake hoses, now it's sitting on top between the Bosch sensor and the overflow tube to the coolant tank.
Replaced the stock headlight bulbs with Phillips CrystalVision Ultra bulbs.
Replaced TPMS sensors as the original ones from when the car was new were starting to go out. $60 each? Ridiculous!
Well, they were nice enough to put the tires back on the wheels...
With Fuelly for me, I need to login each time I make an entry. I don't have the app so I don't know how that works.

The graphic link they give you updates automatically.
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I'm finally getting around to getting various interior parts swapped out. I painted/clear coated these first; will be getting to the steering wheel once find a breaker bar to swap the original with the Camaro wheel I bought a while back.
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Did a little back seat work.

When I started, it was this.

Tons of thanks to Smurfenstein's excellent howto How-To Remove your front & back seats. and a drop ship of a back seat from LKQ a few months ago, this was about 1 hour to swap everything out including running to the pharmacy during the removal to get a script.

There's one thing I've wondered about with the Eco trim, how much weight did they save by removing the cupholder mechanism from the 60% section? (in lbs: Eco)

(non Eco)

This was without the headrest on either seat back. The other parts of the seat are identical across all models minus material differences (leather/pleather vs cloth)
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Going through the stack of things to change out/upgrade in the car, finally got the VG shark fin installed. Ordered it in November, got it sometime in late April. I was wondering if they had gone out of business as I never got any replies to inquiries, but then suddenly I got a note that it was shipped.

Despite the long order time, I would say it's worth the price. The paint matches perfectly and the radio reception is as good as the stock whip. Can't ask for much else.
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I had some free time today so I gave her a decent cleaning. Took the pictures then noticed I hadn't buffed out the streaks on the door. Notice the crazing on the top/back part of the headlight... I guess I either have to either take the light housing out to redo the clear coat on it or try masking it off and do it on the car.
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Purchased Titanium plates to cover all the gray trim. Needless to say thay came with Mr. Cruz etched in them. Well, I'm a chick and not a Mr. So I wrapped them instead.
Nice! Here's how to take apart the shifter knob to get the last piece. I can't vouch for the instructions as I have a manual, but it seems fairly straightforward (apart from the just twist and pull up, that never works for me).
I have been hearing a pulsing grinding sound from the rear end (drum brakes), sure enough I finally needed to replace the rear brake shoes. Been a while since I had to do drum brakes (previous was all four corners on my 60 AH Sprite).
Drove up to Winnipeg MB and back home to S TX. Amazingly, US CBP didn't give us the usual hassle.
Finally fixed the leaking coolant overflow tank. Now the water outlet has sprung a small leak so that's next on the agenda.
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