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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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I didn't really do anything to it myself today. However, I did take it in to have the oil and transmission fluid changed, than ran through the car wash.

Also scored a set of steelies from a '14 LS to mount winter tires on.
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Put about 800 miles on it this weekend.

Been reading about the coolant loss/odor problem, which I have. Today, I checked the bore of the surge tank for smoothness, than cleaned the fill cap and vent tube, than topped the tank off. Also poked around with the UV light after dark, and didn't see anything around the pump or outlet. Maybe ordering O rings in the near future.
Replaced the O-ring on the coolant tank cap, than enjoyed a piece of candy from the Northwest :happy:
Took it for a good long drive yesterday. Today I checked the coolant. Level is right where I left it and there is no condensation in the vent channel.

Also checked the gap on my spark plugs. They were surprisingly consistent, with two being about .025 and two being .028. However, the torque wasn't consistent at all. 1 and 4 took some effort to break loose. 2 required very little effort and 3 practically spun out without the ratchet handle! Reset all my gaps to .028 and closed it back up. Was hoping to do my trifecta tune today, but my cable isn't here yet.
Small roadtrip last weekend to visit family for the long weekend. First chance to put the tune to the test :D While there, hit 45,000 miles and replaced the engine and cabin air filters. Also rotated tires and re synced the tire sensors.
Started packing up some stuff. Working out what will fit and how it will fit in the car. Also put the Yakima rack back on the roof. With lots of locking/unlocking, doors open and courtesy lamps, the battery went dead. Thinking a 94R battery might be in my near future. Little disturbing how useless this car becomes with a dead battery. Even the trunk (where the jumper cables are) is electric. Fortunately my cables were at the front of the trunk, so I just had to drop the seat backs and grab them from the front.

Today I ran it through the car wash and cleaned up the inside a little bit.
Left mine parked at work for the past two weeks while I was home. Picked it up today. Also got lucky and was given a 2017 Cruze LT to use for work (rental).
Did a little arts and crafts project...

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Replaced my headlights with the broken turn signal lenses for new blacked out units. Since I had the bumper skin off, I installed the Z-Spec grill in it. LED bulbs in the corner markers since they are a PITA to access. Have to wait for daylight to put the bumper skin back on.
Finished putting the front back together. Really happy with the results.

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I think it would have looked good with the chrome surround. I was able to swap the surrounds on the lower part, but I could NOT get the chrome surround to come off of the top part, so I just stuck with the painted one.
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Looks good! What was done to the headlights?
New headlamp assemblies, but they are black inside instead of chrome. The only chromed parts inside are the actual reflectors.
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Took the rented '17 for a drive out of town yesterday, to size it up and blow it out. The 2nd gens are improvements over the 1 gens in many ways, but the drivers seat is not one of them.

Also, what does GM have against sunglass holders in these? The Korean holder works fine in the 1st gens, but without a drivers grab handle, even that isn't an option in the 2nd gens.
Started working out how to fit all my crap in the car for my road trip. Got a little extra insurance for the road.

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I have a spare tire, but this gives me a second option. Also means I might not have to unload the whole trunk if I have a flat tire.
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Not really today, but more of the past few days... Washed and vacuumed it out, packed it for the road trip. Than changed the oil and filter. Probably one of the easiest vehicles I've done an oil change on. Finally, I've put nearly 2000 miles on it in the past two days.
Been a busy couple of weeks. Drove from Louisiana to Alaska, with ample sight seeing along the way. Along the way, I discovered I had a tire that was slowly losing pressure compared to the others. Got home, pulled it off and found a nail that I must have picked up in Louisiana or Arkansas. Took the tire to the tire shop to be looked at, and although the leak wasn't that bad, the nail did a number on the inside, so the tire couldn't be fixed. Ended up with a set of Cooper CS5 Grand Tourings. Also got hooked up with Cooper Weathermasters on my steel winter rims. Also ended up walking out with a set of new tires for my pickup, so the tire shop was very happy with me. Not really related to the Cruze, but keeping me away, is I've been settling into a new laptop.
Mine spent the day at the shop too. FINALLY got my spoiler installed. Also had it winterized. Heat pads installed for the oil pan, transmission pan and battery, and coolant remixed for freeze protection down to -50. Nitrogen in the tires, and an extension cord sticking out under the front bumper. I'm ready, but not in a hurry for winter to get here.
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Got the trailer wiring harness mostly installed. Still have to run the battery wire and put the drivers side trunk panel back in.
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Ran the + wire from the trailer harness up to the battery, and closed the trunk back up. While I had the trunk panel off, I cut a couple of small slots and ran the strap to secure the tire pump.
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Have you got some links to the pads by chance?
I'll have to crawl around and see what they used. They're a pretty common item around here.
Hitched it up and gave it a test run. Had no trouble maintaining highway speeds, even going over the hills.

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