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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Well I broke my 2014 Cruze today lol...... Got to work on it at my job ( as a mechanic ) and was replacing the Valve cover and intake manifold ( zzp ported ) because of the PCV valve fail... Well i as i am removing the fuel line / fuel injectors, the injector for cylinder 4, pops off and goes flying somewhere..

Well I get everything else off, and start to put everything back together and get to the fuel injectors, i start to look for the lost one... and can't find it.. finally the shop GM, finds it and i go back to putting everything back together.. I go to start it up and it's running rough... like bad rough.. well the owner and another guy is looking at everything making sure i put everything back together properly and we can't find anything..

So we grab one of the tablets, hook it up to the car and cylinder 4 is misfiring... take off the coil pack, replace the spark plug, same thing... our engine guru ( the shop GM ) comes out and is like, well lets look at the injectors, come to find out the one that popped off stopped working...

So i ended up ordering 4 new injectors that will be at the shop in the morning lol.....

Good times!!!!! I mean at least it wasn't something serious
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ok, so my Cruze is fixed!!!!!!!!! 4 new injectors in my car, and idk if it was finally being back in my car that the car felt like it had a lil more spunk, but i filled up with gas and took the highway home, which from exit to exit is about 7 miles... coming off the on ramp, i decided to see what my car would do if i drove it the same way as i normally do merging into traffic...

Wow!!!!! I never thought that just having a ported intake manifold would make such a difference.. No joke my car was almost redlining when it usually shifts at about 5k rpms , and even when passing cars it was so much easier..

I will say i noticed my mpg was way down, but that could of just been because of my heavy foot..

but if this is a sign of things to come, i might change my mind about selling this car lol....

Now i'm tempted to do a FMIC from ZZP and cold air intake
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