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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Just had my first scheduled maintenance done on my car :) Well second if you count the first oil change but this was my first owners manual check up @7500 miles. They put 5w30 dexos in instead of 0w20 though which I questioned. The service writer claimed that was standard operating procedure now. I dunno. I'm through my first two free oil changes so I'll be doing them from here on out and I think I'll probably go back to ow20.

Now just gotta wash all the pollen off this weekend! :)
I thought only the Japanese took 0w20, and they burn a little too

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It's possible, I'm not sure. But my oil cap definitely says 0w20 on it and that's what the paperwork for my first oil change from the dealer says as well. Maybe that's just a break in oil? I'm not too sure. I honestly don't think it would make a whole heck of a difference but I just have zero trust in any dealer so I asked the question when I saw that.
Got these in today!! But they forgot my lugs and hubcentric rings. Le sad panda.

Bronze ev5’s 18”

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I'm planning to grab these as well. I'd be forever grateful if you posted a pic of them installed! :D
Will do! I have to decide what size tires: 225/40 or 225/45. I’m on the fence about both
Gotcha! Thanks. Just be aware if you go with 225/45 your speedo and gas monitor will be off. Might have suspension clearance issues as well. 225/40 is the factory tire size for 18s.
Car wash!

It's been so rain soaked and gross in the mid Atlantic lately, this is a nice reprieve and a great opportunity to clean off some bird poop haha.

How often do you all wash and wax? Living in the city it's tough to get hand washes in but our apartment does have a hose spicket in front so I can usually do a nice hand wash like once a month. If the pollen is really bad I'll do quick coin operated spray washes in between ?
Pumped all tires up to 40psi.
Yeah same. Well not 40 but I set my pressures after getting gas yesterday. I usually set to 36 because I know it'll go up to 39/40 while driving.
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Yeah it looks really clean @eddiefromcali Nice work :)

I love a subtle look to a car. Don't get me wrong I love a full blown race care in all out livery but I really appreciate when someone can do a tasteful tune on a stock car. It's harder than it looks B-)
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Dropped her off at the dealer this morning. When I changed my oil a couple weeks back I noticed the right inner axle seal was leaking so I didn't wanna sleep on that.

I hate when my baby is siiick ?
Got her state inspected this afternoon. Got a clean bill of health :)
Taking her for a drive today. Been parked for like a week and a half now because of the quarantine :(
Gonna be a nice scenic drive in the rain though w/ a gas and grocery pit stop.
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This was yesterday but I changed the oil and washed the car! Betty was very happy afterwards and was cruising at 48mpg on the way home :)

Then today I swapped out the battery in my keyfob since I noticed the instrument cluster warning over the weekend. Takes a CR 2032 and about 30 seconds to change with the help of this video I found on youtube.
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Took her for a nice fall drive today and while we were out changed the cabin filter. One of those **** baby lantern flies was in there!
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Filled up and set my tire pressure at the station. It dropped down to the 30s here in Philly so I noticed on my dash the tires dipped down to 30 or 31psi. It always feels like a magic trick how your tire pressure just goes up or down with the weather.

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Yeah definitely. I'm due for a rotate too so thanks for reminding me!
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oil change, tire rotation, multi point inspection!
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Changed my rear wiper blade on my 18 Hatch. Swear I was going crazy trying to figure that out haha.
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