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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Where did you get those lines at ?
Just got done installing my BNR LS7 coil upgrade, haven't dyno'd it yet but I will soon. I think that I'm around 185 - 190hp but could be wrong ( also have a k&n intake, ABV, and tuned ) View attachment 284119
What Advantages do you get from the coil upgrade
Had the trans fluid changed out to syncromesh and new plugs to Ngk Laser Iridiums. I can't believe the difference between the synchromesh and whatever fluid was in there before it's night and day difference totally different car. Its like butter now when shifting. I never imagined the shifts beeing any smoother then they were. Now i want to get the clutch bypass kit.
Got my fog light kit installed today. Tomorrow I'll swap the cabin air filter. Gotta call the dealer Monday and schedule the appointment to get the BCM programmed
Thats one thing I have to check is my cabin filter
Got the cabin filter swapped. Looks like it was about time ?‍♂

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Id say so !
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New clutch and flywheel. 2012 cruze eco with 68,000 miles. Was told guy before me beat the **** out of it. Turns out it wasnt leaking from a seal it was leaking from thre flywheel. Also had the gm valve cover put on. Running amsoil 5w30 now. Clutch is so soft I could push it with my fingers. Car still shifts like a dream
Just added these blue LED DRL Strips that turn orange sequentially when you turn your turn signal, and I changed the yellow reflectors into clear blue ones View attachment 285767 View attachment 285768 View attachment 285769
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Well it was 70 today so I said screw it and put the wheels on. It looks so much better. Definitely needs to get dropped a bit. Maybe 1" or so. Going to save for a set of coilovers.

Can't get the TPMS sensors to learn to the car though. I bought the proper tool. The instructions say it should blink but the light stays on solid. I'm thinking it might be because it was in such close proximity to the OEM wheels and sensors. Going to try it at work tomorrow. If that doesn't work in going to my friend who has the proper expensive tool. If that works I'm going to say the one I got is defective or something

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I'll be honest I'm not a fan of aftermarket wheels but those don't look too bad you should get your windows done. Car would look good all black
The windows are done, it's just here in MA there's a 35% limit so that's 35% lol. I wish I had gone darker though but didn't want to deal with the hassle
never got the point in tinting 35 I couldnt even tell Your windows are done thats how light 35 is. I always do mine in 20 and the rear window in 5. its not legal but never had issues.
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Got a chuckle from that too. The seats sure. getting rid of the airbag for some fake-carbon covered flimsy wheel? That'll be fun when you wreck.
I guess hed rather have that steering wheel then his teeth.
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Perfect. I agree. They will be combined into the one in the general discussion area.

Now it dosnt show when somone posted in this section it just says NA
I am not following. My post above 2d ago and yours says 21h ago - as of when I answered you.
I'm talking about on the main page when you select the section
The one you are selecting is the redirect to the actual post. The one that was in the General Discussion section actually no longer exists.


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Not sure what the point is.

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Because I cant see if anyone posted in the section without checking it. I have to click on the redirect link. Then go to the last page of the section then scroll allll the way down to the end to see if anyone posted. How is this better then what it was.
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First, instead of selecting the last page and scrolling, use the Jump to Latest link next to the Follow Button instead of selecting the last page etc. That will save a bit of aggravation.

I have asked the Admin's and am now waiting to see if they answer.
Ok thanks alot just tryn figure this out. I didnt see anything wrong with the way it used to be
Replaced my windshield last Friday and today the car wash opened, washed her up and then had the windshield re-tinted.
I've always thought about tinting my windshields. Never have maybee I will on the cruze when I get the windows redone. When I bought the car whoever had it before me tinted everything 35 which is completely pointless because you can see right through it. So ill have the back window done in 5 and the 4 others done in 20
Just a quick point to the 5% on the back, I did it and kind of regret it, cannot see when back in up through it at night and sometimes on cloudy days. Just increases the risk I think. Otherwise I love it. And yes I even have ultra bright LED backup lights that help but don’t fully alleviate it.
I tint all my vehichles with 5 on the back dont need to see out the rear anyways. I just put the windows down to back up at night
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Here in MA the limit is 35 and you can't put ANYTHING on the windshield (even a clear ceramic one). I had mine done at 35 and it's barely noticeable. I think I might get it redone at like 20-25 or something and just sign the waiver they give you. My truck was dark (not sure of the exact %) and over the years I had it I never once got hassled for it. I also see plenty of people driving around here with super dark tint
Pa is the same way with 35 beeing legal but NOBODY uses it and they wont pull you over for it. Everytime I see it which is rare I just shake my head.
Gave her a good soapy bath. Tomorrow comes the ceramic coat.
What kind ceramic coat ? I thought about doing that to mine.
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